Addressing Psychosocial Issues for Return to Work Workshop – San Diego -12 CEUs.

LifeTEAM Invitation-PGAP Workshop
We are pleased to invite rehabilitation counselors, OTs, PTs, RNs, CCMs, CDMSs, Voc Rehab, and other health care providers to participate with LifeTEAM Health. This is an exciting opportunity to learn how to address psychosocial risk factors from leading expert, Michael Sullivan PhD. Dr. Sullivan’s program, The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™) is currently considered one of the most empirically supported interventions for targeting psychosocial risk factors for work disability. It is also an opportunity to participate with a leading edge community of rehabilitation professionals, LifeTEAM Health. LifeTEAM and PGAP is utilized for clients in workers compensation, disability (STD/LTD), and it is currently being piloted with the VA. It is utilized with clients who are disabled from health conditions such as pain, mental health issues and other chronic occupational and non-occupational disabling conditions.
We have limited capacity for this exclusive PGAP training. The course is only held a couple of times a year (typically in Canada). Don’t miss the opportunity to become a highly sought PGAP Provider.
The PGAP training workshop is September 6-7 (Friday and Saturday in San Diego) with Professor Michael Sullivan, PhD.
We are approved for 12 hours of CEUs for certified rehabilitation counselors (CRCs), OTs, DCs, PTs, CDMS, and CCMs. CEUs for other professions may also be approved.
Additional Background
Needless work disability, sometimes also referred to as delayed recovery, has reached near epidemic proportions over the last 30 years. More recently, research over the last 10 years has taught us that psychosocial factors (non-medical factors) are one of the major contributors that drive costs seen in both workers compensation and disability claims. Unfortunately proven interventions have been scarce to address this population. LifeTEAM was developed to target psychosocial risk factors through specialized evidence-based rehabilitation programs utilizing our national network of providers. One of the innovative programs we have adopted is Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP).
PGAP and Dr. Sullivan:
Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™) is considered the first disability prevention program specifically designed to target psychosocial risk factors for work disability. It is an evidence-based rehabilitation program for reducing work disability associated with pain, depression, PTSD and other chronic health conditions. Published peer-reviewed research on PGAP has demonstrated how PGAP improves return to work outcomes as well as reduces treatment and pain medication utilization at 1 year follow-up, resulting in improved outcomes and lower claims costs. Over 30,000 work disabled clients have participated in PGAP in Canada over the last 10 years. It should be noted that the Canadian workers compensation and disability systems are very similar to the systems here in the U.S. and the Canadian workers compensation and disability systems are not related to their socialized medical system.
PGAP is a cost-effective alternative to higher priced ‘cottage industry’ functional restoration programs. Payors are finding PGAP an attractive option for delayed recovery injured workers because of the published PGAP research documenting successful outcomes and because the intervention is both accessible and affordable. PGAP can be a smart choice for payors when medical interventions have not been successful in getting injured workers back to work.
Michael Sullivan, Scientific Research Director at the Centre on Pain and Disability at McGill University and serves as a senior consultant to LifeTEAM Health. As you may know, Dr. Sullivan is a leading international expert in clinical interventions that mitigate bio-psychosocial risk factors that are shown to delay return-to-work in workers’ compensation and disability cases. Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) is an evidence-based clinical intervention which is shown to reduce these risk factors and improve return to work and health outcomes. PGAP is heavily used in Canada and was selected by the US Social Security Administration to be an integral part of its recent 5-year, $40 million study with MDRC to determine the efficacy of the PGAP approach to improve return to work results for their long-term disability recipients. That study has now resulted in a second trial with MDRC for disabled Veterans returning to the U.S. who are having difficulty re-integrating back to civilian life. PGAP is also being piloted in the State of Washington with Labor and Industry (the workers compensation system in Washington) as well as in the province of British Columbia as a preferred rehabilitation strategy. Dr. Sullivan’s research site.
More about LifeTEAM:
LifeTEAM™ Health was developed to implement cost-effective strategies to transform how work disability is managed in North America. LifeTEAM™ is delivering Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP™) through its network of rehabilitation providers. LifeTEAM is a community of outcome rehabilitation providers specialized in psychosocial risk factor targeted interventions delivering services to the workers compensation and disability insurance industry. LifeTEAM has been delivering PGAP since the summer of 2011. With its large panel of rehabilitation providers expressly trained in PGAP, LifeTEAM has providers in over 43 states today and growing as well as the ability to deliver services telephonically anywhere in the U.S. LifeTEAM selects providers based on a personal interview, provider treatment philosophy, years in practice and reputation as well as input from colleagues within insurance companies, managed care companies and other rehabilitation professionals. We have built a quality assurance team/system and a clinician to clinician mentorship program as well as an online documentation system (LifeTRACK) so that we can obtain the outcomes our partners expect.
Thank you again for your interest in LifeTEAM! Please feel free to contact us to learn how to join LifeTEAM.

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